The Axe-Fx is the worlds best Guitar Multi-Effects and Amp Simulator.

It is two racks high, about 30cms deep and is your only choice if you want to carry 200+ amps, 150+ cabs, 10 mics and a studios worth of multi-fx in a bag on your back – and still sound like a real guitarist.

It’s not a toy or a fad, it’s a real choice for a working musician or a sophisticated amateur.

The people who use this gear regularly aren’t known for mucking about – Vernon Reid, Dweezil Zappa, Marty Friedman, Steve Stevens, Adrian Belew (just to name a few).

In some instances these players have used an Axe-Fx (or two) to replace entire concert rigs – and there are several in demand session players who are using the Axe-Fx for their commercial guitar work.

If you are a working professional who is tired of carrying around half a dozen classic amps to gigs and sessions.
If you want to upgrade your current rig because you’re getting more serious.
If you’re an FX junkie who’s tired of compromising tone whilst running multiple FX and the inconsistency of 8 analogue pedals sitting in a row…

You should seriously consider making the move to the Axe-Fx.

For a great, compact gig ready rig – combine an Axe-Fx with two Atomic Reactor FR cabs and a midi controller of your choice.

The Analogue Vs Digital debate is over – it’s now just about choice.